Keeping History Alive  with Wax Seals

In need of a unique gift or simply trying to spice up a handwritten letter? We have the answer — our Italian made brass stamps and sealing wax!

Wax seals date back to before the invention of pen and paper but they didn't gain popularity until the Middle Ages. They were an integral part of signing an official document and sending/receiving letters to ensure that a document or letter wasn't tampered with during its journey. Seals had unique designs such as a coat of arms or emblem that identified the owner which carried the same weight and authority now as a written signature. Typically a seal was destroyed if the owner of the seal died, which is why so few original seals exist today.

We offer a variety of seals and sealing wax colors to match your personality and style. These seals can be used in many ways such as on invitations, gifts, crafts, or any other project that needs an elegant touch of history. 

The sealing wax has been created especially to withstand the rigors of the modern postal system and is flexible and mail-able that does not chip or break. But please note when you send a wax seal through USPS it must be "hand canceled" at the post office and typically requires additional postage.

wax seals

 wax seals

July 15, 2020 — Cody Redmon