4 High Quality Notebooks Perfect for the Pen Obsessed

If there is one thing you will find on all of our desks - it's a good pen.  So of course we understand the importance of an equally high-quality notebook. (Few things are worse than having ink run and bleed!)  Are you on the hunt for an environmentally friendly or a thoughtfully designed notebook? We may be bragging, but we have notebooks that are BOTH! We want your notebook to help foster all your ideas and never let your ink run. Read on Friend!


Hanji Notebooks 

Possibly our most unique notebook! The lay-flat Hanji Books are made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree. The distinctive mulberry tree sheds it bark four times a year which allows the tree to live while providing the raw materials for this paper. The Hanjis are handcrafted in a private studio in Seoul, Korea by twin sisters that we think are fabulous!

The Hanji paper is known for its beauty and durability, it remains light but loaded with natural texture. We personally love the watercolor based Sailor Shikiori Brush Pens on the Hanji paper. It's just dreamy!

Mishmash Notebooks

Some of our most requested items are lay- flat notbooks. Lay-flat notebooks are popular with our beloved lefties and those who want the convenience of a notebook that stays open.  Our Mishmash Notebooks are the perfect solution. Made in Portugal, the lay-flat, high quality notebooks allow fountain pen enthusiasts to write without fear of bleeding. We have three distinctly different options for you! 

The Gilded Series notebook has a stunning gold and silver edge treatment that makes any note special. 

While the Tabbed notebook has five different color tabs to help navigate and categorize your work and ideas.

The Mishmash Memo pad is made entirely of leftover scraps from other Mishmash notebooks. They come in a variety of colors and paper thicknesses which make them fun and unique and reduce waste!

Oasis Notebooks

Wondering whether you need a lined, dot grid, or graph journal? Hard decisions no more! These Oasis Notebooks are designed with a proprietary paper pattern that combines all three. Meaning the combination of dots, grids, and lines as well as their light application makes this notebook ideal for handwriting, bullet journaling, and even drawing straight lines without the necessity of a ruler. They are of course made of the super smooth, thin but durable Japanese paper that we have all come to love. Double bonus the Oasis also lays flat!


Nuuna Notebooks

The Nuuna is thread stitched with a recycled leather cover and a soft touch coating. These German-made Nuuna notebooks are the perfect balance of function and form. Each notebook has 256 pages of finest premium paper and features bold, silk screen printed artwork on the cover. Proving that high quality notebooks don't have to be boring.

A particular favorite at Paper and Grace is the Metropolis Notebook.  It's crisp, black and white design extends behind the covering, leaving us entranced whenever we flip through the notebook.

June 10, 2020 — Cassie Dean