Paper Goods for the Home

We Love Paper! One look at our name is a dead giveaway. Using paper in our homes seems like a natural, simple, and cost effective way to decorate.  We are excited to share a few of our favorite ways to add a bit of texture, whimsy, and beauty to your casa!


Paper Origami Star

A Paper and Grace favorite is the beautiful and versatile handmade paper from Nepal. The variety of designs and textures makes this a go-to for gift wrap and journal making.  However, our Marketing Manager, Kelsey Thrush, discovered the unique prints make for beautiful origami stars!  

Origami paper, paper craft

To create your own origami star head to our Instagram to watch our quick tutorial.

Not wanting to craft? The handmade papers are so unique and special, they look beautiful as framed art.  Multiple designs individually framed makes for a fun and personalized gallery wall.  


Paper Florals

If you've visited our little shop nestled against the Bridger mountains you most likely have noticed a selection of paper florals by artist, Lynn Dolan.  Owner, Jill Redmon, loves working with German and Italian crepe paper to create her 'indoor garden'.

These meticulously crafted flowers are often mistaken to be real, only they will never wilt and are a wonderful addition to the home (especially during long winters).

If you are looking for inspiration or instruction, we suggest starting with a few of our favorite books!  You will also find a wide selection of crepe paper, wire, stamens and other floral making supplies in-store.



Paper and Grace has been a longtime fan of the Pajaki (paj-yonk-ee). These traditional Polish chandeliers were made from rye straw and paper as early as the mid-18th century.  This form of folk art, often made by peasants, was said to bring good luck to one's home.  We were delighted to find a source with a modern take on this beautiful tradition!  


Cavallini Posters

There's not a Cavallini print we don't love! From plants to wildlife to National Parks, our Cavallini collection includes just about everything! The 18"x28" posters look beautiful hung using the Cavallini Poster Kits, also available in-store.

 Cavallini poster


September 01, 2020 — Cody Redmon