4 Pen Pal Programs to Join

Social media may have thousands of followers and dominate headlines, but pen pal programs have made a strong comeback over the years. They offer the world a bit of nostalgia as they depend on postage stamps rather than internet speed. In honor of National Letter writing month here are the best groups to join if you want to send and receive a little more snail mail.


The Best Pen Pal Groups

Global Pen Friends - a website where people from all over the world can join with a profile and trade letters, postcards or simply emails. For those who want a hand-written letter versus a standard email simply register a postal address in your profile. (Don't worry not everyone can see your postal email as they strive to keep safety at the forefront of the platform.)

Slowly App - a digital app built to mimic handwritten letters. Create a personal connection with someone from around the world! The farther away your pen pal the longer your reply takes - much like actual snail mail buddies.

@penpalcentral - an entire Instagram account dedicated to connecting people with the art of letter writing within the US.

@penpall_findd - a global Instagram account that acts as a pen pal club. Simply submit a DM and they post your DM so like-minded people can connect with you!


Get inspired for Pen Pal Letters

The joy of having a pen pal is not only building a personal connection but also sending beautiful letters! Get inspired by following these hashtags on social media to see all the encouraging letters that are being sent around the world.




April 25, 2022 — Cody Redmon
Tags: Snail mail