We at Paper and Grace delight in pairing people with wonderful writing utensils. 

The earliest mention of a pen that contained an ink reservoir came out of Northwest Africa in the year 973.  Since that time pens have enjoyed myriad incarnations, because after all, not all hands are alike.  Whether yours are large or small, we will help you find a pen or pencil that feels right. 

Comfortable writing devices deliver well rendered script.  In addition to pencils of many ilks, we carry fountain pens, felt tip pens, ball point pens, rollerballs and gel pens.  Depending on your individual writing habits, Paper and Grace has a pen that will suit your style.  Many of our pens have refillable ink cartridges that can be purchased.

Fountain Pens

In 1827 the French government issued a patent for a fountain pen made from a large swan quill.  Nowadays pen engineering has been predicated on cleanliness sans ink spillage, but the sensual experience of delivering ink that flows effortlessly from fountain pen to paper is what it was always meant to be.  Fountain pen nibs (or tips) are replaceable and can be changed for a broad or fine-lined delivery.

As many of us seek to engage in sustainable practices, fountain pens are a wonderful choice because nibs and ink cartridges can be switched out and replaced.  Fountain pens require less pressure for writing and are less tiring to use, while producing elegant lines.

Ballpoint Pens

After rigorous tests, NASA entered into an agreement with Paul C Fisher of the Fisher Pen company, who had developed a ballpoint pen he called "Space Pen." 

The Fisher Space Pen had been developed to perform in the environment of space with a pressurized ink cartridge that can write under water and in other liquids.  It can also function in the weightless environment of space, and in temperatures ranging from -50F to +400F. Many of our customers swear by them!

Though the Space Pen is the most famous, we carry a variety of quick drying, oil based ink ball point pens with refillable cartridges.


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