Creating Your Traveler's Notebook

We are lucky enough to have so many products that we truly love in our Paper and Grace stores, but one line that always stands out as a favorite for it's thoughtfulness and design is our Traveler's Notebooks. 

Traveler's leather bound journals allow for absolute creativity with design and journal additions.  Whether you want a journal for keeping track of your travel memories or simply to keep yourself organized with a weekly diary there's a journal for you.

Traveler's Company consists of Traveler's notebook, Brass Products, Spiral Ring Notebooks and a few more. The Traveler's notebook was released with five refill types in 2006. The portable Passport Size was released in 2009.  All these products share the theme of traveling that takes place in our daily lives. In order to pursue and enrich this theme, Traveler's Company eventually changed the brand name from “Midori” to “Traveler's Company” in 2015. 

The company is based in Japan and every leather cover is handmade in Chiang Mang, Thailand. Whereas, the delicate notebook is made in Japan where the paper inside is developed by Designphil to make writing enjoyable. 

Your journal will age over time, every scratch and mark become your part of your memories.  Every Traveler's journal comes with leather cover, notebook paper, cotton bag,  a connecting band and with endless possibilities.

The simple design allows you to customize your ideal journal. Add a charm or your favorite sticker. You can paint, stamp or brand your journal- make it yours! Each journal becomes a reflection of its owner.

 Add a lined notebook to your journal for all of your fastidious notes or a blank refill for sketches that keep you inspired.

Need more room than a simple book?

You can even add a card file or zipper case to keep yourself organized while traveling.

And for those customers who are already fans of the Traveler's journals, adding to your journal is so easy.  With a simple connecting band from Traveler's you can keep adding to all of your treasured memories.

Shop the entire Traveler's Journals at your local Paper and Grace or view our customer's favorite products online.

September 11, 2019 — Cassie Dean