Our Sassiest Greeting Cards

There are simply some days you want to celebrate with some quick wit or a bit of sass. And, it's moments like these that Paper and Grace likes to turn to a few of our favorite greeting card companies.

Sagebrushed Co. Greeting Cards

When you need art and good chuckle, we turn our customers onto Sagebrushed Co. No matter what you are looking to celebrate, we promise they have something clever for you.

Sapling Press

Simple. Sassy. Perfect.

If you are wanting the most pointed of punch lines on your card we always steer our customers towards Sapling Press.

Girl With Knife

Cards perfect for a tongue in cheek celebration along with equally cheeky artwork.  We hate to choose favorites among this line, but the eyebrow card gets us every time.

Tokyo Milk

Tokoyo Milk cards are witty with whimsical drawings and well placed glitter.  

Anemone Letterpress

A wife and husband letterpress team that creates cards so perfectly punny, they are absolutely purrrrfect.  

Anemone Letterpress Greeting Card

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

July 11, 2019 — Cassie Dean