A Month of Gratitudes

Our Paper and Grace team definitely believes in being grateful for more than a mere 30 days, but we also believe in a month that reminds everyone that gratitude is so much more than saying 'Thank you.'  Gratitude is about appreciating what you have now and is improved through acts of kindness. Though it can be a habit that proves hard in our world.

Luckily, it's small steps that help build a grateful heart and we wanted to share a few ways our team is practicing gratitude this month:

Volunteer at organization that is meaningful to you.
Create ten kindness rocks and spread them around your community. (Not sure what kindness rocks are? Check out their message here.)
Pay it forward and buy another person's coffee order at your favorite coffee shop.
Write a thank you.
Morning meditation. Start your day reflecting
Three small good deeds. Start really little (let someone go ahead in traffic) and check them off your list before work, the gym or any other daily habit.
A tech-free evening. Be present with what really matters.
Create a holiday list of all those you want to sent a card to this season!
Clean up your community. Take a half hour on your way home from work and pick up any trash on the side of the road.
Wish a stranger a good day! This never fails to make us smile.
Send a thoughtful gift to a friend you haven't seen in awhile.
Donate unused clothing to a shelter.
Dedicate a date night to asking your partner questions! Go through John Gottman's Love Map and get to know your partner all over again.
Fill out a gratitude calendar! Make gratitude a daily habit.

No matter how you decide to practice gratitude this month we hope you join our Paper and Grace team with baby steps.

A few of favorite items to practice gratitude:


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November 14, 2019 — Cassie Dean