Tools To Liveby Historic Paper Clips


In the late 19th century paper clips were produced to "fit the finger" with each patented design offering its own magic. Luckily for us, Tools to Liveby selected particular designs to reproduce in brass. Each style includes 10 clips.

Mogul Paper Clip- Clipper Mfg. Co. released the Mogul clip in 1918. With the unique shape of design, this clip can hold sheets of paper firmly.

McGill Paper Clip -This paper clip was patented in 1900. Named for the inventor and patent lawyer George W. McGill and the pioneer behind the fastener line.

Niagara Paper Clip - Patented in 1897, New York, it has a nickname “GEM Paper Clip.” GEM can hold more pieces of paper easily and a heart shape emerges naturally.

Owl Paper Clip - This paper clip was created in 1983. This style was one of McGill's original designs and is referred to as the owl because the shape is like the eyes of an owl.

Weis Paper Clip - This Weiss Binder Co. launched this paper clip in 1903. The right triangle design makes the clip convenient to handle with one raised tip that also creates gap between different paper files.