Louis Sherry Designer Collection - 12 Piece Truffle Tin

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In 1881, Louis Sherry introduced the French chocolate-making tradition to New York and quickly established a reputation for excellence. Sherry's dedication to quality is present today in every truffle. Only the highest quality ingredients, ethically sourced from Ecuador to Madagascar to the Caribbean coast of Venezuela, are used by their master chocolatier. Louis Sherry's traditional candy tins are a recast of the original design, more than 100 years old.

This particular collection is a collaboration with John Derian, an American decoupage artist living in New York. The collection worthy designs include Swift, Butterfly, and Pink Flower.

  • Flavors include: Strawberry Romanoff, Madagascar Vanilla, Pomegranate Meyer Lemon, Turkish Coffee, Pistachio Di Bronte, Sicilian Orange, Coconut Almond, Passion Fruit Kumquat, Sea Salt Caramel, Flor De Cana Rum, Piedmont Hazelnut, Black Raspberry