Lemnos Miki Clock

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With showrooms in Tokyo and Munich, Lemnos clocks have continued to make history since 1947.  Lemnos has received numerous accolades for providing heirloom quality clocks with remarkable design.  We knew we were adding Lemnos to our collection of goods as soon as we saw them... love at first sight. 

MIKI is a clock cut from the thick trunk of the zelkova tree. Zelkova wood is a hard and strong material, featuring a number of ring markings. The varied appearances of these trees indicate their age and the type of atmosphere they grew in.  The surface of the material was carefully polished and finished with a nature-based oil paint that is gentle on human skin. Touch it directly to experience its wooden warmth. The MIKI can be a table clock (with include stand) or hung as a wall clock. 

  • 5.75 x 2.5"
  • This three handed clock uses on AA Battery, included
  • Clock stand included (removable)
  • Designed by Yuichi Nara, made in Japan by Lemnos