Lynn Dolan Floral Classes


June 8th, 9th, 11th and 12th in Bozeman

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June 8th - Summer Roses

Choosing a shade of velvety petal-like German gloria/doublette crepe paper, learn how to craft a mid-Summer's bouquet of botanically inspired roses. You will learn to create different stages of the rose's life cycle, including bud, full-bloom, and rose hip - down to the paper thorns. You will learn tips for imitating a real rose from your garden and techniques for incorporating beautiful realism into your paper creations. Learn different techniques for applying color and discover the one that appeals to you.  Students will receive extra supplies, instructor provided template, and written instructions.

June 9th - Irises

Taking inspiration from the Greek goddess of the rainbow, for whom the iris is named, you will create a realistic iris specimen, down to the rhizome. Create your own color combination, choosing from a rainbow spectrum of imported German crepe paper.  You will learn how to transform base palettes into a wider variety of iris cultivars, experimenting with a variety of coloring tools. Students will be provided with extra supplies and instructor provided templates and instructions.

June 11th - Peonies

Peonies are dramatic statement flowers. Create your own mini bouquet of romantic, ruffled blossoms while learning a little "botanical anatomy" of this popular paper bloom. Learn how simple the construction of this large, impactful blossom can be. You will choose from a cheerful range of pinks and juicy reds, as well as some white and pale yellow imported German crepe paper. You will also learn how to extend a basic paper palette with the use of basic coloring tools. Add a bud and leaves to your showy creation if you choose.  Students will receive extra supplies, instructor provided templates as well as instructions.

June 12th - Radishes

Create a bright Spring bundle of candy-colored radishes using imported crepe paper, floral wire, and glue! Learn how to use German spun-cotton forms for your roots, or build up your own forms using other natural fibers. Add realistic color, sampling a variety of coloring methods. If you like, you can add radish blossoms and carry your harvest home in a paper pint box, straight from the paper farmers' market.  Students will go home with extra supplies and instructor provided template and instructions. (The paper radishes have been used as place card holders and garnishes on gifts)