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Creating a Wax Seal

CraftsJill RedmonComment

We love anything that adds an extra embellishment to paper products, and the wax seal stamps that we carry in our Jackson Hole gifts and stationery store are no exception! These stamps add a personal touch to your correspondence, gift wrapping, craft projects and more!

Read on for a tutorial on how to use a wax seal stamp:

Step 1. Close and seal your envelope flap.


Step 2. Moisten your seal with a wet sponge or cloth. This will help keep the wax from sticking to your stamp.

Step 3. Light the wick of your wax. Hold the wax about 3 to 5 inches over your paper, at a 45 degree angle. Start dripping the wax onto your paper. (You can adjust the angle as needed to control the flow of the wax.)

Step 4. When you have enough wax on the envelope, blow out the flame and rest the wax on a hard surface. (The stamps that we carry will require a wax pool between the size of a dime to a quarter, depending on how big the stamp is.)

Step 5. Press your seal into the hot wax. Wait until the wax is almost dry and remove the stamp slowly. You are done!

Common questions:

How many impressions can I make with one wax stick?

  • Each stick makes about 10-15 impressions.

Can I mail an envelope with a wax stamp on it?

  • Yes, you can! We recommend having the post office hand cancel the envelope (this means that it doesn’t get run through the machine.)

Stop into our Jackson Hole gifts and stationery store to pick up your wax seal today!